As i sat down under a tree one afternoon, I would’nt tell you that i discovered gravity because isaac newton did,but i sat thinking about different paradoxes of life. Various thoughts clouded my mind, but this particular one raised my eyebrows.Yes it did and for that matter very significantly.


It was a simple ,clear thought carrying weight of its’ own meaning; A meaning that can change someones meaning of life and make you look at life from a very different angle; An angle above our own reasoning and for me it took me somewhere far and all i could afford was a smile .


You may wonder what am trying to mean, but i would prefer your patience as you join me in smiling.Many people have different views of the word M.A.D and yes i do not dispute, but for me i choose to see it as’ Making A Difference and it’s rather wired how events follow themselves. As i was still sitted, I took my phone and all i could think of was ‘facebook’ ,and without hesitation i did log in, guess what i first saw? It was JOEL OSTEEN’S post and it really made me continue thinking deeply, I even tend to think that m.a.d was haunting me. oh! what a coinsidence,he quoted that ” your words have the power to put a spring in somebody’s step to lift somebody out of a defeat and to help propel someone to victory” and yes this is exactly what i need as a back up for M.A.D.


The few people who understand this word M.A.D have kept it as a secret, but today i want to be among the few who know it and who unselfishly have decided to share this perspective of life.I have personally gone through alot and when i look back i feel a pang, i even think its superfluous but a voice from the inner me convinces me that it’s just a tinge and i would blurt and memorise aloud a quote i once read in one of PEPE MINAMBO’S inspirational books that ” Face all the crisis in your life and start interprating them positively. Do not be too sensitive and too reactive, learn how to take life easy ” .


This would change my thinking and i would utter this words ” Maggie? that’s the short form of your name to refer to Margaret raaaait? and my grandmother once told me it meant ‘great’ what less can i value myself yet there you have heard it?. I must say, as much as i know that i don’t have much to offer now, so many challanges experienced, thoughts flowing day and night and i may seem weak , but one thing i know and nobody can change this fact is that am Great and working upon for Greater to become Greatest.


I always share this with my friends who seem interested in my words , that we have to work extra , this life does not require one to be at comfort zone, you need to know exactly what you need . But the problem with mankind is that we are focused too much on what we want and not what we need, and i always laugh it aloud because i am a victim which i think is absurd.


Have you ever made somebody smile, think deeply or even change his/ her mind just because of the words you tell them? well if yes that’s making a difference in someones life . If not , i tend to think and believe that you are selfish and i always have a dedication to such that we are all salts and salt only works if it leaves the salt shaker and makes contact with food and as long as you are inside the salt shaker there is no impact experienced.


Someone might confront my statement and try to convince me that some people do not listen, and yes not everybody will give you an ear , but i love MOTHER THERESA’S words of wisdom ” You can spend years and years building a house and yet that house can be demolished in a matter of seconds, but build it anyway” yes not everybody will value your words and if you are waiting for that , you are mistaken, but you never know whose ear those wise words would land into and change them positivelyl and by then you would have made a difference in that individuals life.


After all this is said i hope one if not all have heard it and will strive yo go M.A.D and i cannot put it better more than ALBERTA LEE when he says that ” its not enough to be good , if you have the ability to be better.It’s not enough to be very good if you have the ability to be great, but my only question is; are we ready to make a difference?.

I leave that for you as a food for thought….but maggie urges you to go m.a.d.